About Us

The Deacon Steward Company is a family-owned organization with a commitment to multi-generation stewardship and a legacy of honor.

Our core principles and beliefs are embodied in our company name and motto. Together they proudly display exactly what we believe in…

And who we are:

Deacon: An appointed or ordained servant

Steward: A person appointed to manage another’s estate

We believe we are appointed to be good stewards of the wealth and legacy we are given, for the good of others.

Our family motto can be traced back to the 13th century when our forebears served as stewards to kings. It is inscribed on our logo and our hearts:

“Per Ardua Surgo” – meaning “Through Adversity, I Rise”

It is a constant reminder to us of our humble roots… and of the high price paid to establish our legacy.

Together, both sternly command that we never dishonor our noble call to serve others as a Deacon Steward.

And it would be our honor to serve you as well.